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Jack Jackson: Noir Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

Featuring Wasting all the Time: Improve Comedy Podcast.

In this bonus episode Jack Jackson and his partner Sally Kitsworth take a sabbatical, a long promised trip to the opera, but as is often the case things get out of hand really fast. A bullet from the second floor leaves a dead tenor singer and Jack is quick on the...

Mar 7, 2018

Jack Jackson is still on break between seasons one and two but in the meantime you get to enjoy a few special episodes recorded over a year ago and never released.

Jack Jackson takes a break from being hard boiled to take his flame of the week out to a fancy dinner, but when things turn dire can he hold the attention...

Jan 25, 2018

A very special episode, If you haven't listened to the previous episodes be sure to go back and listen before this one.

Jack Jackson, Private detective of dock city. Flawed hero and his paragon partner Sally Kitsworth are in more trouble than has ever been seen by 1950s detectives before. 

Using contacts and devices...

Dec 13, 2017

Jack and Kitty take some time off. Boarding the Egyptian princess, a cruse ship headed up to Canada. But crime follows Jack and he is stunned when he finds out from illustrious billionaire Marbel Moneypockets tells him the main showpiece of the ship's showroom collection and the mummy for which the ship gets its...

Dec 7, 2017


The nasty Galz is the two person improv teamup of Mckayla Peterson and Kirsten Cutts. Two best friends who both preform regularly at CSz Sacramento.

Jack gets a case from the school district. With the help of his partner Kitty, Jack is tasked with finding professor Bottomsworth prized...